Covid-19 Info

Jan 2023 Tridemic  Update:

Oct 2022 Covid-19  Update:

July 2022 Monkey Pox:

Notice: Due to COVID-19, most regular in person Single Adult activities are still in the planning stage and will be announced when possible. Please reach out to Single Adults and make sure they are receiving the sacrament and are ministering and ministered to. Please go to for more information.

Covid-19 precautions: Advice from the Fountain High Council;  Masks optional and practice social distancing. The Prophet endorses the Covid-19 vaccine. Practice the same precautions as you would in a restaurant. 

Remember to practice your pandemic posture every day ;-)

Finally! Covid-19 and the Single Adult is ready to read. Have Fun

Coronavirus and the Single Adult 082520 Final.pdf