This is a club/community listings for Single Adults who have hobbies or belong to groups that are looking for people with similar interests to join. Since there are around a few thousand SA along the front range, there are bound to be a few that share common interests. For instance several SA play stringed instruments and may want to form a music group or a quartet. Several SA may enjoy fishing. Several may enjoy a sewing circle. The possibilities are endless. This information is a community service offered by this site and is not endorsed by the Church. Concept based on the Pikes Peak Library District Club directory in "Maggie's Place" (circa 1990's) and the Gazette's club listings (circa1980's).

Submit your listing to Announcements@csldssingles.org

  • Name of hobby/group (i.e. LDS bluegrass players of CS)

  • What you do and who are you want to join (i.e. We play bluegrass music for fun and looking for a mandolin player and fiddle)

  • Where and when we meet (i.e. We meet in the RS room every Tuesday 19:00-21:00)

  • Group Contact (i.e. Call 719-555-1212)

  • Number in group (3)

  • Category: Music, Bluegrass

LDS Irish Band

LDS Irish band

Looking to start an Irish band to play music for fun so looking for various players

Meeting place and Time: TBD

Group Contact: Tim 719-633-5106

Number in Group: 1 (woodwinds)

Category: Music, Irish, Band

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